Beam delivery

A schematic of Coherent's adjustable ring mode fibre and the five basic power patterns possible within the focused laser spot. (Image: Coherent)

Custom delivery

Greg Blackman discovers how emerging lasers with adjustable beam quality are improving quality and flexibility in cutting and welding 

This Lasea system uses two processing heads to direct two halves of a more powerful, single ultrafast pulse to the workpiece in order to increase processing throughput.

Wielding the increasing average power of ultrafast lasers

Matthew Dale explores the advantages of increasing the average power of ultrafast lasers, and discovers how this higher power can be delivered to the workpiece

Scanlab appoints new head of R&D

Scanlab, an OEM manufacturer of high-quality laser scan systems, has appointed Christian Sonner as its head of research and development (R&D). The highly experienced control expert will further strengthen the company’s market position in digital products and control solutions for the photonics industry.

Compact polygon scanner for portable laser cleaning

Polygon scanners can scan at hundreds of meters / second and have a high laser damage threshold which makes them ideal for high speed laser cleaning. 

The new Gecko-5-HP1 is the first compact polygon scanner designed for high power laser cleaning.  Its solid aluminum polygon has excellent heat dissipation and its dielectric coating is highly reflective at 1064 nm.  It is ideal for laser cleaning with hand held and robotic arm systems.  It will also find use in high speed assembly line laser cleaning. 








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