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Innovations in joining technology for EV manufacture

TWI Webinar: Innovations in Joining Technology for Electric Vehicle Manufacture

Wednesday 8 February 2023

Time: 15.00-16.00, GMT, UK

In this webinar, a TWI expert will cover developments in technologies for aluminium car body production, specifically focusing on:

  • Laser welding quality monitoring development
  • Resistance spot welding of aluminium for high volume applications
  • The use of friction stir welding to produce hot formed and quenched tailor welded blanks
  • Coreflow®, generation of integrated cooling channels into structural aluminium components
  • Dissimilar joining of aluminium to steel and carbon fibre composites.


Sullivan Smith, Automotive Programme Manager, TWI Ltd

Sullivan Smith joined TWI Ltd in 2011 where he holds the position of Automotive Programme Manager. Prior to that he was employed by Tata Steel from 1998 through to 2011, working in resistance welding R&D and support for the automotive industry.

Sullivan’s specialization is in resistance welding and mechanical fastening processes. His main tasks have been to provide technical support to the European automotive and general manufacturing sectors. In recent years Sullivan has worked on the joining of dissimilar metal alloys and metal to composite joining, and the joining of electrical connections for EV applications. He is also the UK expert on the ISO standard committees for resistance welding and mechanical fastening.